“Tanner is an amazing asset to our team. He is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he extends his knowledge out to others so we are all able to learn new processes. Tanner never hesitates to help anyone on our team no matter who is asking, and often times offers to help without being asked. He is extremely efficient in Wrike, and incredibly knowledgeable in WordPress. Tanner’s capabilities were made obvious when he was able to adjust to the processes and taking projects on so quickly once he was assigned to multiple projects from the start. He takes initiative to start his work before he is tasked, and often times has things completed before they are due. His positive attitude and incredible sense of kindness is much appreciated and I know myself, and others, look forward to being assigned to projects with him.”

-Brittany Colatz, Senior Project Manager, FindLaw a Part of Thomson Reuters

“I recommend Tanner Hansen for innovation, collaboration, and meeting deadlines on project fulfillment tasks in the designing of attorneys’ custom websites. He has a high level of professionalism along with the ability to engage and gather feedback to assist with the design. Tanner is simply the best at what he does and an asset to the chosen few. Keep up the great work Tanner!”

-Andre King, Associate Project Manager, FindLaw a Part of Thomson Reuters

“Tanner is a wonderful and motivated individual. He has lots of knowledge in his field and has taken the time (multiple times) to teach me new skills with design and in WordPress. I really appreciate how approachable he always is and how capable he is of adapting to new projects and working with different clients and deadlines.”

-Andrea Stelter, Digital Marketer, FindLaw a Part of Thomson Reuters

“Tanner is extremely talented and has been a great asset to my team! He manages multiple different projects involving graphic design, web design, social media and does an excellent job at it! His graphic design skills are very good and he is able to successfully tie in his graphics with all of the websites we create at Portkey – in addition to engaging social media posts for our clients.”

-Sama Ali-Berchem, Owner, Portkey SEO Solutions

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